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**Why We're Here** We believe heartfelt, human connections make people's lives better. Especially the people who work here. Our founder, Bill Ki

**Why We’re Here**

We believe heartfelt, human connections make people’s lives better. Especially the people who work here.

Our founder, Bill Kimpton rebelled against impersonal, generic hospitality that makes people feel disconnected. He initiated a new boutique hotel standard and environment where people could connect, from the heart. That was the goal then, and it is still our purpose today.

Your work here has meaning. You’re here to improve the lives of coworkers, guests, owners, communities, and together we make that happen. It’s what drives all that we do. Every day you can improve lives in your own, unique way and you can expect the same in return. It all starts with you.

**How We’re Different**

Our San Francisco-born entrepreneurial spirit and zest for life kick started this culture in 1981, and it shines through to this day. It all flows from you. The lively, rebellious, genuine you – with your diverse background, talents, experiences, and plucky personality – is fully welcome, and celebrated here. Because we know that when people can be themselves at work, they shine.

That’s what we seek out and celebrate. It’s people of all kinds who share a knack for creativity and self-leadership. People who don’t need to be told what to do to get things done. People who have an innate passion for making others’ lives better. It adds up to a work environment that’s a bit quirky, irreverent, exciting, uncommon, empowering, and downright exceptional. Guests feel it; you’ll feel it too.

**What You’ll Do**

As the Director of Revenue Management, you’ll install, cultivate, and maintain a cohesive,

methodical, and analytical revenue management and performance review culture, inspired by an

entrepreneurial spirit and shared standard methodologies. You’ll optimize the revenue potential of

the remarkable service, product, and people of Kimpton by attaining budgeted room revenue and

maximizing RevPAR penetration.

**Some of your responsibilities include:**

* Lead the analytical efforts as applied to room sales.

* Drive yield efforts via analysis and reporting that ensure that all segments and distribution

channels are “mined” for revenue opportunities based on budget, forecast, pace and

market demand.

* Build and maintain an innovative, forward-thinking team attitude, driven towards


* Ensure that training is a systematic priority such that there is redundancy for all tasks.

* Maximize the potential and ensure proactive and accurate maintenance and management

of all systems

* Partner with the sales team, providing analysis, training and data collection as needed.

* Provide analytical research documents and reports in support of the annual Rate and

Budget processes as well as development of the Sales and Marketing Plan.

* Identify and communicate demand periods (high and low) for which a strategic plan is

needed; build the strategic plan in conjunction with Sales Management.

* Maintain and systematically analyze all necessary reports including market intelligence

reports including but not limited to: Hotelligence (Rate360, Agency360, Demand360); STR

Monthly/Weekly Reporting; STR Trend, RPM, Bandwidth, Pulse; etc.

* Produce and analyze all reports for weekly strategy/yield meetings.

* In each weekly strategy/yield meetings, provide insight and recommendations in terms of

pricing, availability, market demand and promotional opportunities for all channels.

* Make sure that the yield strategy is accurately implemented and with a sense of urgency in

all distribution channels

* Ensure that a daily forecast by segment is updated and reviewed weekly.

* Translate the hotel’s performance and strategies to ownership.

* Step in when coverage is needed at other Kimpton properties in the area.

**What You Bring**

* 4 to 5 years of relevant experience in Revenue Management for Hospitality or similar


* Bachelor’s Degree preferred.

* Strong leadership skills as well as an enthusiastic team spirit.

* Incisive analytical skills, as well as excellent problem recognition and resolution skills.

* Excellent communication and organizational skills.

* Highly motivated and flexible, possessing the ability to take initiative, to succeed while

under pressure and meet deadlines.

* Experienced, insightful and resourceful in the art of yielding a hotel; a deep understanding

of the analytical business review process.

* Expansive knowledge of both transient and group, with a particularly strong emphasis on

GDS, CRS, and internet sales.

* Proven ability to create strong partnerships with 3rd party platforms.

* Understanding of market conditions (comp. set) and knowledge of hotel operations and


* Computer literate, with strength in Microsoft Excel; possessing the aptitude and desire to

learn new technology.

Differences make a difference. We are committed to creating a culture that reflects the diversity of our hotel and restaurant guests. With that goal in mind, we encourage each of our employees to understand, accept, and celebrate differences among people. That includes different personalities, lifestyles, work styles, education, and experience. We also welcome and embrace people of all races, ethnicities, ages, religions, physical abilities, sexual orientation, gender identities and genders.

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Be Yourself. Lead Yourself. Make it Count.

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