How To Find A Job In 2020? Update Your Resume

There is a reason searching for a job has also been called “job hunting”. The right job is rarely if ever going to waltz right in front of you and then lay down and have a snack. No, finding a job takes intelligence, patience, and skill. Just like in hunting an animal, you need to be patient in finding the right job. And when you do find it, you have to have the right skill set to bag the job. How you present yourself, market your abilities, and handle your connections to your employers plays a big role in your ability to secure a job. Traditional job search skills might not cut it if you want to have an edge over other anxious job seekers. So, if you are searching for a job here are 4 surprisingly effective tips on how to find a job in 2020.

1. How To Find A Job In 2020? Updating Your Resume

Sure, there is nothing new about writing a resume or a cover letter. This job search tool is as traditional as you can imagine. However, how you write your resume matters. It’s not 1957. In 2020 there are specific structures and styles that stand out above others. 

Content And Style

These days, a resume is more than just a documentation of your work history and a summary of your skills. Your resume needs to market you like a product to the potential employer. Just as with advertisements, the content of a resume matters, but the presentation of this information matters as well.

For instance, proper and attractive formatting is crucial. It should be attention grabbing.  Above all, you need to make sure that your resume and cover letter highlight relevant skills and abilities quickly. Hiring managers don’t have a whole lot of time to read every line in your resume before deciding if it belongs in the trash.

Current Resume Formats

Currently, three resume writing formats are trending. You can try the reverse-chronological format, which is an improvement on the traditional resume (which uses a chronological style). Things that matter the most to the employer are given a priority, such as work experience and career objective.

You can also create a functional resume, which highlights the skills and experience most relevant to the job you are seeking. Job seekers today can also make a resume that features a combination of these two styles. This style would give contact details and the professional profile priority. This is what others are doing to stand out through their resumes.

Jbster also provides an easy to use interface to create or upload your resume. Getting your resume online and in front of those that are tasked with hiring is a must.

2. Relevant Interview Skills In 2020

One thing that hasn’t changed in 2020 as far as job interviews go is the need to make a good first impression. You have probably heard it said a thousand times that you only get one chance to make a good impression, and it’s true.

Body Language

You need to work on your body language to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are confident in your abilities. Little things like eye contact, and an open demeanor can go a long way in helping the interviewer feel comfortable with you. Even more important, it can make them feel as if you are comfortable with them. 

Matching The Company Culture

You should also try to learn as much as possible about the company’s dressing culture beforehand. Try to wear something that matches their style. We are living in an age where some big corporations, particularly IT firms, embrace a business casual style of dressing. If you have an interview with such a company, wearing a suit and tie might make you stand out, but not in a good way. It may give the impression that you are too serious for the culture of the company. That being said you also aren’t going to want to where your work boots to a interview with a financial firm. So, make sure that you understand the companies culture before you step through the door. Often times it can be done with a simple google search. 

Another key to interviewing in 2020 is to demonstrate an interest in the company’s long term goals. Employers want to know that you are there to help the company achieve its long term goals, and not just passing the time until a better opportunity comes along.

Answering Questions With STAR

Often times in interviews we get asked how we have handled complicated situations or performed difficult tasks in the past.  It can really throw an interviewee off of their game and start them rambling. One suggestion we would make to help you avoid rambling when asked a difficult question is the Situation, Task, Action, Results method (STAR method).  With the star method you start by briefly explaining the context of the situation related to the interviewers question. Once the ground work is laid, you describe what the task was. Then you simply describe how you went about accomplishing the task (Action) and the results you achieved. Following this simple method when answering questions can help you keep your answers relevant, informative and concise.

3. Clean Social Media Profile.

How to find a job in 2020? Believe it or not, employers also search the web to see what kind of person you are behind the scenes. Often times, this will start with social media searches. If you continually post distasteful political or culturally inappropriate jokes between your crazy partying posts,  the employer may get a sense that you would be more of a liability than an asset.

Companies aren’t looking for people whose reputations can put the company’s standing in jeopardy. So, keep your social media clean. Also be careful about the groups you choose to join. They could also be taken as a reflection of the sort of things you care about.

But again, remember that this concept also comes back to the culture of the company that you are applying for. If you are trying to become a nightclub bouncer, 300 pictures of your time in the gym and your new face tattoos might be perfect. But for a face to face customer service or sales position, it may give the wrong impression.

4. Using New Job Searching Technologies Is How To Find A Job In 2020

Today, you have at your disposal more job search tools than ever before. In addition to having an opportunity to submit your resume and cover letter through email, you can use Facebook, Messenger, and even SMS to stay on top of your job searches.

Job Search And Job Alerts

With a site like, you can sign up for job alerts, which gives you access to local job listings from all across the web by text and email. 2020 is an employers market, so being among the first qualified applicants can make the difference between standing out or getting lost in the shuffle.

Connect With Companies On Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways of how to find a job in 2020. Liking and following the companies you would like to work for on social media can also give you an edge in the application process. Sometimes companies, especially small to medium sized companies, only advertise job opportunities to their communities of followers. So make sure that you are among those who get the memo. Even if a company doesn’t usually promote job opportunities through social media, liking and following their pages/groups can still positively impact your application process. Think for a moment as if you were an employer who is proud of your company and your great customer relationships. Say you were to have two equally qualified candidates apply for a job. After doing some research you discover that one follows your company Facebook page, uses your product/service, and even left a positive review for your company and the other one has not. How would this affect your impression of the two? Who do you think you would favor?

To Sum Up

The job market has changed in a big way, and job seekers need a new and unique set of skills to secure employment. Above are some important tips on how to find a job in 2020.

By updating/improving your resume, honing in on your interpersonal/interviewing skills, tailoring your social media accounts to promote the right message, and using technology to take the “hunting” out of your job searching, you will be better able to find and secure the job of your choice in 2020.